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Blood Bank Instruments
Water Bath Shaker
Water Bath Shaker

Water Bath Shaker Water Bath Shaker
Construction Double Walled
Inner Chamber Stainless Steel
Capacity 15 Ltr
Outer Chamber Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
Lid Stainless Steel Pyramid Lid.
Size (W*D*H) (35*29.5*16)
Shaking AC / DC Geard Motor
Rotary Shaker
Rotary Shaker
Models Platform
(W*H*T*) in mm.
Flask Capacity
Flask Capacity
Flask Capacity
Flask Capacity
ARIS-124 700*700*500 25 36 36 49 78
ASRS-138 995*995*500 49 64 64 81 120
ASRS-148 1280*1280*500 81 100 121 144 190
VDRL Shaker
VDRL Shaker
These are tabletop orbital shaker with 30cm * 30cm platorm and are useful for a wide variety of rotating and mixing application. This shaker have a built in 0-15 minutes Digital timer. It is useful for serological , VDLR tests and other tuned clinical diagnostics procedures.
Incubator Shaker
Incubator Shaker
Models Approx Outer Dimention
(W*H*T*)in cms.
Capacity Accuracy
ARIS-124 58*54*58 5c above ambient 60c 150 9 liters +- 0.5 c
ACIS-124 70*78*120 5c - 60c 170 9 liters +- 0.5 c
Bacteriological Incubator
Bacteriological Incubator
Model Capacity Internal Capacity
ASBI-10 90 Ltr 46*41*52cm 58*62*96cm
ASBI-11 170 Ltr 49*42*82cm 61*54*142cm
ASBI-12 285 Ltr 58*50*97cm 70*62*158cm
ASBI-13 350 Ltr 61*53*103cm 73*65*170cm
ASBI-14 450 Ltr 68*61*109cm 80*73*176cm
ASBI-15 600 Ltr 71*83*120cm 83*78*187cm
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